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TriRoof MultiFlex Overlay Roof Kit

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TriRoof Flex is the ultimate overlay system, a hard cure finish that is suitable for new flat roofs as well as covering existing ones. This system can be applied to surfaces such as Felt, Asphalt, GRP and Concrete. Kit is supplied with Primer, Topcoat, BPO Hardener, Matting and Tools.

TriRoof MultiFlex is an advanced roof overlay system widely used due to its superior features.

One of the key advantages of this system is its ability to cover many existing substrates such as Asphalt, Felt, Timber, GRP, and Concrete.

This system is cold applied and involves the application of a Primer, a layer of matting, and a final coating of TriRoof Flex Topcoat, which is Dark Grey in colour.

Both the Primer and Topcoat use a BPO Hardener to cure. This system is also F.AA fire-rated, which provides additional peace of mind.


  • Suitable for new and existing roofs - apply directly to existing substrates (dependent on the condition of the existing roof)
  • Cold applied
  • 20-year material guarantee (registered on triroof.co.uk)
  • Workable in cold temperatures, use in as low as 1°C
  • Only one Primer for 90% of substrates
  • Walk-on times 30-60 minutes
  • Fire tested to BS 476-3 Rating: F.AA and EN 13501-5(4)
  • Easy to use and apply
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