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TriKlean, Non-Hazardous Acetone Replacement

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TriKlean is a non-hazardous Acetone replacement or Acetone Substitute. It is a powerful solvent cleaner. TriKlean works well on all Resin systems as a cleaner and de-greaser.

It is 100% Biodegradable and worker safe. It is also non-flammable, which makes it much safer than traditional Acetone.

As TriKlean is so powerful (up to 10 times more so than Acetone), less is needed to achieve more. TriKlean can outlast 10-15 drums of solvent if used correctly, and it is self-recycling.

Applications of TriKlean as an Acetone Substitute

  • Continuous duty cleaner for lamination
  • Cleans rollers, brushes, squeegees, tools, parts etc.
  • Flushing Chopper Guns
  • Cleaning out equipment 

Industrial use of TriKlean as an Acetone Replacement

  1. Manufacture of substance
  2. Distribution of substance
  3. Use as an intermediate
  4. Formulation & (re)packing of substances and mixtures
  5. Uses in coatings
  6. Use in Cleaning Agents
  7. Use in Oil and Gas field drilling and production operations
  8. Lubricants
  9. Metal works
  10. Blowing agents
  11. Use as binders and release agents
  12. Use as a fuel
  13. Use in functional fluids
  14. Use in laboratories
  15. Polymer production
  16. Rubber production and processing
  17. Polymer processing
  18. Water treatment chemicals

Professional use of TriKlean as an Acetone Substitute

  1. Uses in coatings
  2. Use in Cleaning Agents
  3. Use in Oil and Gas field drilling and production operations
  4. Lubricants
  5. Metalworking fluids
  6. Use as binders and release agents
  7. Use as a fuel
  8. Use in functional fluids
  9. De-icing and anti-icing applications
  10. Road and construction applications
  11. Use in laboratories
  12. Explosives manufacture & use
  13. Polymer processing
  14. Water treatment chemicals
  15. Use in agrochemicals

Consumer uses of TriKlean as an Acetone Replacement

  1. Uses in coatings
  2. Use in Cleaning Agents
  3. Lubricants
  4. Use in agrochemicals
  5. Use as a fuel
  6. Use in functional fluids

We offer a safe and cost-effective alternative to Acetone and other flammable solvents. TriKlean is 10 times stronger than Acetone and is intended to offer a safer working environment without sacrificing performance.

It is non-flammable and has a very low toxicity profile.

As a cleaner and degreaser, TriKlean works well on all Resin systems. There has never been a better moment to try TriKlean than now, with Acetone costs on the rise since the pandemic.

Key points to consider for TriKlean are:

  1. In addition, TriKlean is non-flammable, has a very low toxicity profile, and does not need to meet QSHA standards for PELs or TVLs. 
  2. The cost of using TriKlean is 70% less than that of acetone. Eliminates hazardous waste. It can outlast 10-15 drums of solvent, and it is self-recycling. 
  1. TriKlean is an excellent solvent for all resin systems. It is 10 times more powerful than Acetone, and the reduction of tools wouldn't affect the laminates at all. 
  1. In addition to being 100% biodegradable, TriKlean products are also safe for workers to use.
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