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Fillers, Pigment & Additives

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  1. Teroson Marine Filler 341g
    £15.77 £13.14
  2. Teroson Gelcoat Filler 241g Pack
    £19.44 £16.20
  3. Catalyst
    As low as £14.69 £12.24
  4. Fillite Filler
    As low as £8.52 £7.10
  5. Milled Fibre
    As low as £12.82 £10.68
  6. 1kg Polyester Pigment
    As low as £12.85 £10.71
  7. Glass Filled Bodyfiller | ProWorx Fibrefix 0.6 litre
    £11.46 £9.55
  8. ProWorx Swift Easy Sanding Bodyfiller 3.5 litre
    £25.20 £21.00
  9. ProWorx Swift Easy Sanding Body Filler 0.6 litre
    £12.24 £10.20
  10. Glass Filled Bodyfiller | ProWorx Fibrefix 1.85 litre
    £20.64 £17.20
  11. Tricel Composites Adhesive Sealant 53B341E
    As low as £6.22 £5.18
  12. TriGrip High Tack Hybrid Polymer Adhesive Grey 290ml
    £7.14 £5.95
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12 Items

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Fillers and additives can be added to Polyester and Epoxy resin to extend the resin and impart specific properties to the resin mix. The amount of filler that can be added depends on the viscosity of the resin and the size of the filler particles, generally, the smaller the particle size the less filler can be added to give a workable mixture. It is best to add fillers and additives just before using the mixture to minimize any settlement that may occur.

Our Easy Sanding Body filler, manufactured by ProWorx is the best in its class for automotive repairs. Suitable for a deep fill, this body filler cures quickly, pinhole free and as the name suggests, is super easy to sand. 

Finally, to add some extra colour and vibrancy to your clear resin, gelcoat or topcoat - add some polyester pigment. These pigments come in so many colours there is guaranteed to be one to suit your requirements. Click on the polyester pigment listing below to find out more.